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The main classification of pipe fittings tee

The main classification of pipe fittings tee

Pipe fitting tee is also called pipe tee or tee pipe, tee joint, etc. Mainly used to change the direction of the fluid, used at the branch pipe of the main pipeline. It can be classified by pipe diameter. It is generally made of carbon steel, cast steel, alloy steel, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, plastic, germanium leaching, pvc and other materials.

Classified by pipe diameter

  1. Equal diameter pipe fitting tee: main pipe, branch, equal diameter pipe fitting tee

  2. Reducing pipe fitting tee: a tee whose branch pipe diameter is smaller than that of the main pipe

  Classified by docking form

  1. Butt-welded pipe fitting tee fittings: Tee fittings that are butt-welded with connecting pipe fittings.

  2. Proprietary three-way connection: a three-way connection that is welded or welded after the three-way connection is inserted into the pipe.

  3. Socket pipe fitting tee: It is a type of tee joint with card sleeve joints, which are fastened after insertion.

  4. Threaded pipe fittings tee: pipe fittings tee connected by threads and pipe fittings.

Classified by material

It can be divided into carbon steel pipe fitting tees, copper tees, PVC tees, stainless steel tees, ductile iron tees, etc.

Classified by category type

  1. Straight pipe fitting tee: It is the pipe fitting tee of the branch pipe and the vertical main pipe.

  2. Oblique pipe fitting tee: a tee with a certain angle between the branch and the supervisor.

  T-shaped pipe fitting tee is a kind of pipe fittings and joints, also known as T-shaped tee fittings or pipe fittings. T-shaped tee, which is mainly used for main pipes and branch pipes, is a very important pipe fitting.

Divided by process

  1. Hydraulic bulging

  2. Hot press forming